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High-Volume Recruiting Tools

Building a Business Case for a Recruitment Platform

Do you want to increase the visibility of your job ads and nurture candidates effectively to meet your high-volume hiring goals? Using high-volume recruiting tools, such as programmatic ad platforms, can simplify and magnify your job ad efforts with significant return on investment (ROI).

As a hiring manager, you probably understand how helpful these types of high-volume recruiting tools can be, but how can you sell the idea to the decision-makers and the rest of your team who will need to use the new platform? In this post, we outline four steps that can help you build a business case for a programmatic ad platform and simplify your volume hiring efforts.

1. Identify Business Challenges

To present a good business case, you need to identify current business challenges and present the benefits of high-volume recruiting tools. First, you may need to explain to staff: what is high-volume recruiting and how can it help your business?

Your business may have some specific internal challenges to address, but some general external challenges include the following:

Employment rates

Employment rates:

With record low unemployment rates in Canada (5%) and the US (3.4%), it can be very challenging to find available talent. A programmatic job ad platform can help you find more candidates with targeted job ad distribution and traffic monitoring. A 2021 Aptitude Research study found programmatic job advertising boasted 51% better job ad targeting.

Recruitment costs

Recruitment costs:

Recruitment marketing costs are increasing and many job ad budgets are spent on pay-per-click campaigns that often don’t lead to results. Aptitude Research shows that 40% of job advertising budgets are wasted, and programmatic job advertising boasted 48% improved campaign effectiveness.

2. Determine Internal Need

To understand if there is a need and an appetite for a programmatic job ad platform internally, gather information from your HR marketing teams to learn more about their current methods of sourcing candidates and their use of high-volume recruiting tools. This could be as simple as a meeting or a quick survey to ask how many jobs they post per month and how much time is spent sourcing candidates.

Select the Right Platform Vendor

3. Map Program Requirements and Create Hiring Plan Template

As part of your high-volume recruiting strategy, you should begin mapping your requirements to create a project blueprint with a hiring plan template. This might sound a bit daunting, but many of your people and processes are already in place, so it might only involve a few process and technology tweaks to meet high-volume recruiting best practices. The biggest efforts will likely be in setting up high-volume recruiting tools and training staff on the new programmatic job ad platform. Then you can simply watch the success metrics grow.

4. Select the Right Platform Vendor

High-volume recruiting tools are not all created equal, so make sure you find one that meets the specific needs of your business. Hirematic is one option that can help you achieve the best job ad performance at the lowest price. With Hirematic, you receive intelligent high-volume recruiting algorithms combined with a talented team of job ad experts, giving you the ability to distribute and optimise job ads and budget across a vast network of high-volume recruiting channels.

How Hirematic Works

How Hirematic Works

High-volume recruiting tools, such as Hirematic’s high-volume job ad platform, can expand and accelerate your volume hiring efforts. Hirematic simplifies the complex process of high-volume hiring to make it easy for you to focus on what you do best: hiring great people!

Here’s how Hirematic works:

1. Add Your Job Ads

Hirematic’s smart platform maximises job offer visibility and reach across a vast network of recruiting channels.

2. Define Goals

Use Hirematic’s vast library of past market performance data to define realistic goals and investment levels for your ads.

3. Track Performance

Hirematic’s platform tracks individual campaign performance in real time and delivers deep insights in user-friendly visual dashboards.

4. Optimise

Hirematic’s solution adjusts bids and shifts budgets continuously to lower cost-per-application and maximise applicant volumes.

5. Meet Your Hiring Goals

Hirematic’s tech-enabled services model ensures you get the power of AI with the refinement of human expertise.

Simplify Your High-Volume Recruiting and Improve ROI with Hirematic

When trying to convince your boss that you need high-volume recruiting tools, the cost is probably the biggest factor in the equation. That’s where Hirematic can help you shine in your business case for a programmatic job ads platform.

Hirematic can simplify and expand your high-volume hiring efforts for a lower cost. That’s because with Hirematic, you pay for results, not clicks, so it’s easy to demonstrate ROI with this type of programmatic job ads platform.

What’s different is that most other platforms charge based on the number of ad impressions or clicks a job ad receives. Hirematic only charges for the number of job applications you receive from each job ad. So with Hirematic, you only pay for results, plain and simple.

Any boss would love to see better results at a lower cost. Demonstrate how it can be done with Hirematic.

Learn more about how to simplify your hiring process and improve ROI with Hirematic’s high-volume recruiting tools. Read Hirematic’s Definitive Guide to High-Volume Hiring.