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What Is High-Volume Recruiting and How Can It Help Your Business?

Does your organization need to fill a high volume of open positions, such as seasonal or temporary jobs, or positions with high turnover rates? Or is your global business in a high-growth cycle and you need more employees now (well, last month, actually)? The challenge of finding qualified staff quickly is keeping your business from operating effectively or scaling at the same rate as your business growth, and it’s starting to affect your ability to keep up with the speed of business.

High-volume recruiting strategies can help bring your business up to speed.

What Is High-Volume Recruiting?

High-volume recruiting is the ability to hire mass numbers of employees within a short time frame. According to a recent study by Aptitude Research, 65% of companies have high-volume hiring needs, which the survey defines as needing to fill over 1,000 jobs in a short period of time, or receiving more than 1,000 applicants per position.

Common high-volume recruiting positions include hourly roles, seasonal hires, healthcare workers, large warehouse staff, customer service or call center personnel, data-entry positions, and several other roles in various industries.

difficulty finding quality hires

Despite almost two-thirds of businesses having high-volume recruiting needs, close to half (48%) of respondents say they have difficulty finding quality hires, and 7 in 10 companies say fewer candidates are applying this year compared to last year.

Why are companies having trouble finding quality candidates? Several recent trends may be playing a role.

Trends Impacting High-Volume Hiring

According to Hirematic Hiring and Recruitment Trends 2023, the following trends are expected to continue affecting the ever-changing recruitment environment:

Low Unemployment

Many analysts expect the unemployment rate to increase slightly but still remain far below historically “normal” levels. Despite the ongoing news about mass layoffs in the tech industry, recent employment numbers published in Canada and the US show unemployment rates of 5% and 3.4% respectively.

Talent Turnover

Almost half (46%) of 2,500 respondents to a biannual survey by business consulting firm Robert Half are currently looking or plan to look for a new job in 2023.

Rising Wages

According to research by CCI Consulting, 75% of employers plan to increase wages in an attempt to keep employees at their company. Almost two-thirds (61%) of workers plan to leave their job this year seeking a higher salary, as six in 10 workers say their paychecks can’t keep pace with inflation.

Constant Change

Change is critical to survival in today’s business environment. The success of any organization will depend on its ability to swiftly adapt, monitor, and adjust to constantly changing conditions.

In order to succeed with volume-hiring efforts, employers must be agile enough to change and scale quickly with the right high-volume recruiting strategy. To be agile enough to keep up with the speed of business, companies can’t rely on traditional or regular recruiting methods.

High-Volume Recruiting

How Is High-Volume Recruiting Different Than Regular Recruiting?

With regular recruiting, you can take the time to target, screen, and interview a few qualified candidates for a specific role. That’s not the case with high-volume hiring.

High-volume recruiting is like regular recruiting at warp speed. You need a lot of employees, and you need them now. You can’t rely on traditional recruiting methods. You need something better and faster. But even though your recruiting needs are urgent, you still need to properly reach, screen and interview candidates to avoid mis-hires and prevent high turnover rates.

High-volume recruiting methods need to reach the most potential candidates in the least amount of time. But it’s not just about reaching the most people — it’s about reaching the right people.

To quickly reach and hire the right talent through high-volume recruiting, focus on two key areas:

  1. Tighten the role: Create the most concise job description possible to attract not only candidates with the best qualifications, but also the right attitude and behaviors to suit the role and your company.
  2. Cast a wide net: Create and distribute job ads across a wide network of channels.

An automated high-volume recruiting method like Hirematic’s high-volume job ad platform can help you hire the right people, faster, with fewer resources.

This type of platform combines an intelligent recruiting algorithm with talented job ad experts to achieve the best ad performance at the lowest price, by distributing and optimizing your job ads and budget across a vast network of recruiting channels.

Hirematic can take the pain out of candidate sourcing through high-volume job advertising, so you can focus on what you do best: hiring great people.

How Hirematic Can Ease the Pain Points of High-Volume Recruiting

Hirematic makes it easy for hiring managers to stay focused on their jobs as talent acquisition specialists, not ad managers. Here’s how the Hirematic platform can help you:

Pain Points of High-Volume Recruiting

Grow at Scale With Results, Not Just Clicks

One of the best features about Hirematic is that you pay for results, not clicks. Many other recruitment platforms are based on the number of clicks a posting gets, but as you probably know, clicks don’t always lead to qualified applicants.

You get the best of both worlds with Hirematic. You get high-volume recruiting best practices, plus a price structure based on job applications, so you only pay for results, not clicks.

Hirematic can help you use high-volume recruiting to scale your business now.

See how Hirematic can help you get up to speed with your high-volume recruiting efforts.