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The Power of Programmatic Job Ads

UK Employers Optimistic About Hiring — How Programmatic Job Ads Can Help

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) recently unveiled a survey that shines a light on the increasing optimism among UK employers regarding hiring prospects. Covering the sentiments between April and June, the results display the steadfastness of the UK labour market even amidst economic hurdles such as escalating interest rates and stubborn inflation.

In a recent article in The Times, Neil Carberry, REC’s chief executive, underscores the resilience saying, “Businesses across the country are clear that they believe in their business and its plans…the overall picture of demand from employers remains very robust.”

Understanding the Labour Market's Post-Pandemic State

Despite the overall enthusiasm, the labour market has shrunk significantly after the pandemic. Factors contributing to this shrinkage include an uptick in long-term illnesses, a trend toward early retirement, and the end of free movement between the UK and Europe after Brexit.

All of these factors have led to pronounced worker shortages, with sectors like health and retail being hit the hardest. The dilemma?

Employers are eager to hire but face challenges in reaching potential candidates.

Labour Market's Post-Pandemic State

How Amazon and Ferroro are Reaching Candidates Effectively

The strategic use of innovative technologies like Hirematic’s programmatic job ad platform can play a pivotal role in accelerating the recruitment process.

Using Hirematic, Amazon — yes, that Amazon — generated 16,204 applications in just four months and reduced its CPA by 35% — saving almost $1 million in recruitment marketing costs.

Similarly, Ferrero Group used Hirematic to transform its recruitment for an Italian facility. The company was able to attract 1,606 applications in four months while lowering its CPA by 35% and saving €13,000 from its ad budget.

Enter Hirematic: Bridging the Gap Efficiently

In these times, programmatic job ad platforms like Hirematic can be game-changers. With its advanced algorithms, Hirematic seamlessly matches job ads with the right candidates, ensuring businesses connect with prospective hires faster than their competitors. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Programmatic job ad platforms are a way to reach a broader, more diverse pool of candidates while still targeting the most suitable candidates.

By harnessing data-driven insights, Hirematic identifies the best times and channels for ad postings, ensuring optimal visibility and engagement. This streamlined approach helps businesses to remain competitive in a tight labour market.

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