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Reduce Costs by Streamlining Your Recruitment Process with Hirematic

Frustrated with the challenge of streamlining your recruitment process? Dissatisfied with the results from your current programmatic advertising company? You’re not alone. According to the Human Capital Institute, 66% of companies are unhappy with their recruitment marketing efforts.

Hirematic is a new programmatic job advertising platform trusted by the world’s leading companies like Uber and Amazon. If you’re looking for high efficiency, keep reading to learn how our AI-powered platform, combined with our job ad experts, ensure your jobs get maximum visibility among the right candidates at the lowest possible cost.

How It Helps Streamline Recruitment

The best programmatic advertising companies streamline the hiring process by automating and optimising various stages of high-volume recruiting.

Features like advanced targeting, real-time bidding, reporting on high-volume recruiting metrics, and competitive pricing help your entire talent acquisition team reach your ideal audience with precision and efficiency. Hirematic checks all these boxes, and then some.

For Global Recruiters

Hirematic’s platform is multi-country by design, so global organisations can build and manage job ad campaigns across 30+ countries — even with localised budgets.

For Staffing Agencies & RPOs

Hirematic delivers intelligent recruiting solutions combined with a team of talented job ad experts to help staffing agencies and RPOs achieve the best ad performance at the lowest price by distributing and optimising your job ads and budget across our vast network of recruiting channels.

For Digital Ad Agencies

Digital agencies play a big role in top-of-funnel web traffic acquisition and Hirematic is built specifically to help ad agencies optimise job advertising.

The Keys to Modern High-Performance Recruitment

Recent studies show only 45% of organisations strongly agree that their high-volume recruitment strategy is effective. Common high-volume recruitment challenges, like inefficient screening, high costs, and reduced candidate pools, are multiplied because of the number of roles that need to be filled.

These challenges are further intensified by the increasingly blurry line between HR and marketing. 62% of talent managers see their job more as marketers. Hirematic makes it easy for talent acquisition managers to stay focused on their jobs as recruitment specialists, not marketing professionals. We take care of the advertising so you can focus on vetting and hiring the right people with fewer resources.

Our AI-powered platform streamlines the recruitment process by automating and optimising various stages of recruitment advertising, helping you reach the right candidates, improve the performance of your job ads, and save time and effort in the process.

The Hirematic Advantage

More Applicants

Maximise job offer visibility with automated distribution, replication, and optimisation across many channels in real-time.

Lower CPA

Improve performance on existing job ad channels, reduce cost per click on job ads, and gain greater diversity in channel mix for better performance.

Low Touch

Manage multi-channel ads and budgets from one place and enjoy a fully managed service so you can focus on higher-value recruitment tasks.

Greater Insights

Achieve greater transparency into ad budget performance with granular insights and view which digital channels are driving results.

Modern High-Performance Recruitment

ATS Integrations with Your Tech Stack

Recruiting trends in 2023 point to nearly half of US workers planning to look for a new position, and job seekers are increasingly unimpressed by what they see. Today’s candidates are demanding companies create a more modern and streamlined recruiting experience.

Hirematic connects easily to today’s HR tech stack. Applicant tracking system (ATS) integrations ensure an enhanced candidate experience and provide several benefits to high-volume recruiting strategies, such as reduced time-to-hire and improved recruitment efficiency.

Our robust recruitment solution centralises candidate data and automates processes such as resume screening and interview scheduling, capturing data from the time an applicant clicks on your job ad to their first day on the job and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Getting Started with Hirematic

One of the most powerful programmatic advertising companies in the market, Hirematic walks you through the following steps effortlessly, helping you streamline your recruitment process and reach a larger pool of qualified candidates.

1. Add Your Job Ads

Our smart platform maximises job offer visibility and reach across our vast network of recruiting channels.

2. Define Goals

Use our vast library of past market performance data to define realistic goals and investment levels for your ads.

3. Track Performance

Our platform tracks individual campaign performance in real-time and delivers deep insights in user-friendly visual dashboards.

4. Optimise

Our solution adjusts bids and shifts budgets continuously to lower cost-per-application and maximise applicant volumes.

5. Meet Your Hiring Goals

Our tech-enabled services model ensures you get the power of AI with the refinement of human expertise.

Our intelligent ads platform helps meet your organisation’s unique needs and goals, offering scalability, automation, advanced analytics, and a positive candidate experience to help you optimise your recruiting spend and improve the quality of your applicant field.

Your Partner in Streamlining the Recruitment Process

Need help developing your high-volume recruiting strategy? Contact our job ad experts to see how Hirematic’s programmatic solution can work for you.