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The Solution to Filling UK Manufacturing Roles

Programmatic Job Ads: The Solution to Filling UK Manufacturing Roles?

The UK’s manufacturing sector is currently experiencing a major setback due to a shortage of factory workers, dealing a £6.5bn blow to the economy. There are 74,000 unfilled roles, which constitutes a significant chunk of lost output, according to a study by Make UK and BDO.

Richard Austin, head of manufacturing at BDO, explained in a recent article, “Manufacturing companies across the UK have had to overcome the multiple challenges thrown up by Brexit, shortages in skilled labour, pandemic-related supply chain delays, and the huge energy price rises we have seen following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Additionally, manufacturing firms are grappling with fierce competition for staff as the UK economy leans heavily towards producing services, contributing about £2 in every £3 of output.

Despite these hurdles, manufacturing jobs across the UK are on the rise — mainly due to the current trend of reshoring production lines back to the UK. Six out of eight English regions saw their factory workforce expand last year, which Make UK and BDO consider as evidence debunking the long-held narrative of inevitable decline in manufacturing employment.

These trends only underscore the importance of having effective recruitment strategies in place to effectively compete for skilled labour.

Competing for Labour with Strategic Recruitment Initiatives

In a context of fierce competition for skilled labour, smart recruitment strategies can make all the difference to manufacturing firms across the UK.

One such approach involves leveraging programmatic job ad platforms like Hirematic, that streamline the recruitment process by reaching a wider, more targeted audience faster and more efficiently.

Such platforms work on the basis of advanced algorithms that match job ads with the most suitable candidates, i.e., those with the necessary skills, qualifications, and experience. They also use data-driven insights to pinpoint the optimal times and locations for ad postings, maximizing visibility and efficacy. Retargeting potential applicants is another feature provided by these platforms, ensuring the repeated visibility of job opportunities and encouraging prospective candidates to apply.

Considering Programmatic Job Ad Platforms

The labour shortage in the UK’s manufacturing sector is a multi-faceted problem requiring a range of solutions. Government initiatives, long-term industrial strategies, and innovative ideas from within the industry all form pieces of this puzzle.

However, the strategic use of innovative technologies like Hirematic’s programmatic job ad platform can play a pivotal role in accelerating the recruitment process. Case in point: Amazon, while dealing with the challenge of hiring warehouse personnel across the U.S., previously faced a cost per application (CPA) of $180. Using Hirematic, Amazon generated 16,204 applications in just four months and reduced its CPA by 35% to $116.15 — saving almost $1 million in recruitment marketing costs.

Similarly, Ferrero Group leveraged Hirematic to transform its recruitment for an Italian facility. The company was able to attract 1,606 applications in four months while lowering its CPA by 35% to €17 from €26, yielding a saving of €13,000 from its ad budget.

Both these instances showcase Hirematic’s potential as an efficient and cost-effective solution for labour shortages in industries such as the UK’s manufacturing sector.

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