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Hiring Manager

Be a Hiring Manager, Not an Ads Pro

Our tech-enabled multi-channel job ad service helps you find and hire the right people faster, with fewer resources. No advertising diploma required.

AI-Powered Ad Platform,
Coffee-Powered Ad Experts

Filling open roles quickly and at a low cost-to-hire is the top goal for any hiring manager. But multi-channel advertising is not a typical skill for most talent acquisition managers — nor should it be! Your job is to vet and hire great people.

That’s where we come in.

MaximiseJob Ad Visibility and Reach, Minimise Cost and Effort

Hirematic’s intelligent job ads platform ensures your jobs get maximum visibility among the right candidates at the lowest possible cost.

The best part? We price per job application. So you pay for results, not clicks.

How It Works

1. Add Your Job Ads

Our smart platform maximises job offer visibility and reach across our vast network of recruiting channels.

Add Your Job Ads

2. Define Goals

Use our vast library of past market performance data to define realistic goals and investment levels for your ads.

3. Track Performance

Our platform tracks individual campaign performance in real-time and delivers deep insights in user-friendly visual dashboards.

4. Optimise

Our solution adjusts bids and shifts budgets continuously to lower cost-per-application and maximise applicant volumes.


5. Meet Your Hiring Goals

Our tech-enabled services model ensures you get the power of AI with the refinement of human expertise.

Find & Hire Great People, Fast.