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Hiring during the holidays

Why the Holidays Are a Great Time to Recruit Talent

Many businesses might consider slowing down their recruitment efforts as we approach the holiday season. However, recent LinkedIn conversations suggest that this period could be an ideal time to attract top talent. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. End of Year Burn Out and New Year’s Resolutions

Many employees start to feel burn out toward the end of the calendar year. December also aligns with the time many companies give out year-end bonuses. After receiving these bonuses, even satisfied employees might consider new opportunities, especially top performers who feel they’re not adequately rewarded for the effort they put in through the year.

Additionally, the start of a new year often prompts professionals to reassess their careers. This period of reflection, coupled with unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions, makes many more open to changing jobs. Therefore, recruiting during this time can be particularly effective, as you’re likely to find candidates who are not actively job hunting during the rest of the year now more receptive to new opportunities.

2. Less Competition from Other Employers

With fewer companies actively seeking candidates, your job postings are more likely to stand out on job boards, attracting more attention from potential applicants. While other businesses are waiting until January to start their recruitment drives, your company can be proactive, moving ahead in securing top talent. By the time others begin their hiring process in the new year, you could already be in the stages of onboarding your new hires.

Continuing recruitment efforts during the holidays also allows you to build a pipeline of qualified candidates. This approach ensures that you are well-prepared to quickly fill any upcoming roles, giving your company a head start in meeting its talent needs for the year.

3. High Job-Seeking Activity Among Employed Workers

Despite a shaky global economy, employees are still willing to leave their jobs. This boldness in seeking new challenges can be advantageous for companies looking to recruit fresh talent.

Recent Gallup studies show that a significant 51% of currently employed workers are either actively seeking or keeping an eye out for new job opportunities. This openness to change is an indicator for businesses to ramp up their recruitment efforts during the holidays, a time when many individuals are reflecting on their career progress and future aspirations.

High job-seeking activity during holidays

4. Ease of Scheduling Interviews

Job seekers who are employed — especially those who do not want their current employer to know that they’re shopping around — can find it difficult to request time off for interviews.

During the holidays, however, asking for time off won’t raise much suspicion. With Holiday parties and relaxed management, candidates have an easier time taking screening calls and scheduling interviews.

5. Prospects Are Usually More Active on Social Media

The holiday season typically sees a spike in social media activity, as people have more free time and tend to engage online. This increase in activity provides a unique opportunity for recruiters. Prospective candidates, including those not actively job searching, are more likely to browse and engage with content and ads during this time.

How to Attract Top Talent During the Holidays

Programmatic job ad platforms like Hirematic can help smart recruiters to take advantage of an optimal time to attract new hires. With its advanced algorithms, Hirematic seamlessly matches job ads with the right candidates, ensuring businesses connect with prospective hires faster than their competitors.

It sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Programmatic job ad platforms are a way to reach a broader, more diverse pool of candidates while still targeting the most suitable people for the open roles you have. By harnessing data-driven insights, Hirematic identifies the best times and channels for ad postings, ensuring optimal visibility and engagement.

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