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diversity and inclusion in recruitment

Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment: Why It Matters to Your Organisation

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become hot topics in the corporate world, and recruitment is no exception. But is diversity and inclusion in recruitment really that important to your organisation? How do you know — and more importantly, how do you make sure you get it right?

Why is Diversity Hiring Important?

Most of us are ready to acknowledge that ensuring diversity and inclusion in our workforces is generally the right thing to do. Discrimination is wrong, after all. But the importance of strong diversity recruitment protocols goes far beyond morals. Study after study has shown that DEI hiring also benefits businesses in a very real operational sense.

1. Improved Recruitment

At the most basic level, diversity recruiting increases the pool of potential applicants your company has to draw from. But that’s not all. Workforce diversity is an increasingly high priority among applicants and employees. 76% say it’s a critical factor when evaluating employment options, and 32% say they will not apply to companies lacking diversity.

2. Increased Retention

Diversity and inclusion in recruitment don’t just benefit organisations during the hiring process — DEI hiring also increases your chances of retaining the staff you already have. Today’s employees want more than a salary and job security. Studies indicate 71% will leave a company whose values don’t align with their own.

3. Higher Productivity

Data from 2022 shows that inclusive teams are, on average, 35% more productive than their monoculture counterparts. What’s more, companies with diverse workforces see cashflow 2.5 times higher per employee. Teams with a variety of experiences and perspectives can develop more innovative solutions than those where everyone’s background is effectively identical.

Better Customer Experience

4. Better Customer Experience

Employees aren’t the only ones seeking out companies with diversity recruiting strategies. Customers are also demanding value alignment from the businesses they patronise. Sales and service teams with diverse backgrounds appeal to a broader consumer base, and in some cases, diversity on your team can help you avoid cultural missteps that might otherwise alienate customers.

5. Legal Compliance

If boosting your bottom line somehow isn’t a factor, diversity and inclusion in recruitment should still be a priority. While employment laws vary from country to country, the European Union Council has barred discrimination based on religion, belief, age, gender, or sexual orientation for more than two decades.

Metrics for Tracking Workforce Diversity

How diverse is diverse enough? Has your organisation sufficiently incorporated diversity and inclusion in recruitment and workplace culture, or do you still need to make improvements? Here are a few diversity recruiting metrics that can help provide some guidance:

How to Increase Diversity in Recruitment

If you’ve found your company coming up short in terms of workforce diversity, these diversity and inclusion recruitment best practices can help get you on track to achieving the benefits of a healthy, diverse workplace culture.

1. Assess Your Organisation

Evaluate your recruitment and hiring processes for factors that may be affecting the diversity of your applicant pool or successful candidates. Look at who is responsible for hiring decisions, where you’re searching for candidates, and the image your brand presents to potential employees.

2. Embrace Accountability

Saying diversity in hiring matters is not the same as actively prioritising it. Set clear goals for increasing diversity in recruitment to break through unconscious bias — and be transparent about your progress.

3. Establish Paths to Promotion

DEI hiring can address a lack of diversity in entry-level positions while allowing upper levels of your organisation to maintain a monoculture. Establish mentorship programs or training opportunities that make it easier for members of historically marginalised groups to advance.

4. Broaden Your Applicant Pool

Relying on the same few platforms to attract potential employees can limit your applicant pool. Automated third-party hiring platforms can help you reach a wider audience of job-seekers and boost the diversity of the applications you receive.

DEI Hiring

How to Avoid DEI Hiring Pitfalls

Good intentions are important, but it’s important to undertake diversity recruiting efforts thoughtfully to avoid these common mistakes and challenges.

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