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Hirematic Case Study Mitsubishi Electric

How Mitsubishi Electric Cut Recruitment Costs and Amplified Reach with Programmatic Advertising

Hirematic Case Study Mitsubishi Electric
Hirematic’s programmatic advertising platform and team of ad experts helped Mistsubishi Electric meet its ambitious hiring goals in just one month.
applications in a month
application boost
~€ 50K
saved on recruitment marketing

The Challenge

Mitsubishi Electric was tasked with filling positions for specialised mechanical assembly workers at a plant in Italy. However, given the location of the plant of the competition for skilled labour in the region, Mitsubishi Electric struggled to meet its hiring goals.

Hiring Campaign Objectives

Recognizing the need to improve its hiring process, Mitsubishi Electric collaborated with Hirematic with a focus on a one-month intensive hiring drive. It aimed to:

Reduce the cost per applicant

Streamline hiring for diverse roles

Attract qualified candidates quickly

Stay within a limited budget

Results with Hirematic

Hirematic’s consultative approach, cutting-edge platform, and expert customer success team helped Mitsubishi spread its job ad spend in targeted locations to reach more potential workers efficiently.
Mitsubishi Case Study
Mitsubishi Electric results with Hirematic

Discover the Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

By automating and optimising the job advertising process, Mitsubishi saved significant time and resources and met its hiring goals within the budget allocated.

This success story is a clear demonstration of programmatic advertising benefits and how businesses can upgrade recruitment, cut costs, and still attract the high-quality talent they need to maintain their competitive edge.

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