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How Amazon Reached Its Recruitment Goals with Hirematic

How Amazon Reached Its Recruitment Goals
Hirematic’s programmatic job ad platform helped Amazon achieve its warehouse personnel recruiting goals while saving the ecommerce giant nearly $1 million in hiring costs.
applications in 16 weeks
reduction in CPA
~$1 million
saved on recruitment marketing
"Hirematic is helping Amazon to achieve hiring goals in Italy."
Amine Lahrid
Marketing Program Manager EU - EMEA Marketing, Amazon Operations

The Challenge

Recruiting goals at Amazon appeared out of reach. The company was struggling to hire enough warehouse workers for locations across the US.

The ecommerce leader had been manually posting recruitment ads across four platforms.

Hiring Campaign Objectives

Amazon turned to Hirematic for help achieving its talent acquisition recruitment goals. The company partnered with our team to leverage Hirematic’s programmatic job ad platform for a hiring campaign running for 16 weeks (4 months), with the following objectives:

Streamline hiring for diverse roles

Maximise job advertisements’ reach

Significantly reduce the CPA

Attract more qualified candidates

Results with Hirematic

Amazon achieved hiring success with the help of Hirematic.

The results of the campaign were transformative, demonstrating the power of programmatic job advertising in reaching recruitment goals more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Average CPA
with Hirematic:
Amazon Results with Hirematic

Reach Your Recruitment Goals with Hirematic

Amazon’s hiring success underscores the effectiveness of Hirematic’s programmatic job advertising platform. By automating and optimising the job advertising process, the company was able to save significant time and resources while meeting its recruitment goals.

Do you need help achieving your recruiting goals? Let Hirematic help.

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