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Ferrero Group case study

How Ferrero Group Reaped the Benefits of a Programmatic Advertising Platform

Ferrero Group case study
Hirematic’s programmatic recruitment advertising platform helped the Italian multinational hire 40 various roles per month — on time and under budget.
applications in 16 weeks
reduction in CPA
saved on recruitment marketing

The Challenge

Ferrero Group — a top multinational corporation known for its leading position in the confectionery market — needed to fill 40 roles per month to fuel growth at one of its Italian facilities.

Initially, the company invested in three separate online channels, spending a significant portion of their recruitment marketing budget on ads (plus the cost of the time spent manually managing the ad campaigns across different channels).

Hiring Campaign Objectives

Recognizing the need to improve its hiring process, Ferrero partnered with Hirematic to leverage its AI recruiting platform. For a period of 16 weeks, the company worked with Hirematic to reap the benefits of programmatic advertising and achieve its goals:

Reduce the cost per applicant

Streamline hiring for diverse roles

Attract qualified candidates quickly

Adhere to a tight budget

Results with Hirematic

The impact of the initial campaign was remarkable, highlighting the efficacy of programmatic recruitment advertising.
Ferrero Results

Discover the Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

By automating and optimising the job advertising process, Ferrero Group was able to save significant time and resources, and meet its hiring goals within the budget allocated.

This success story is a clear demonstration of programmatic advertising benefits and how businesses can upgrade recruitment, cut costs, and still attract the high-quality talent they need to maintain their competitive edge.

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