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Europe's Healthcare Staffing Crisis

Europe's Healthcare Staffing Crisis is Growing. What Can Recruiters Do?

It’s no secret that healthcare workforces worldwide have struggled since the pandemic began. Shortages of doctors, nurses, and primary care workers are making headlines around the world — but what can recruiters do to solve the problem?

Europe has more health and primary care professionals than ever before. But the increase in staff is falling short as the need for healthcare rises — the region is currently lacking approximately 1.8 million health workers, a figure that is on track to climb to 4 million by 2030.

What’s Behind the Shortage of Health Workers?

Medical and care facilities around the globe are turning to overseas recruitment campaigns in an effort to fill the ever-growing gap between available staff and the need for services. But what’s driving the healthcare staffing crisis in Europe?

There are several factors at play.

Europe's Aging Population: A Challenge for Healthcare

How to Close the Gap in Healthcare Staffing

The pandemic didn’t cause the healthcare staffing crisis in Europe — it merely exacerbated the problem. And the issue will not disappear as the pandemic eases unless healthcare recruitment teams and executives take concrete action to address the challenges faced by healthcare workers.

1. Invest in Worker Well-Being

Europe’s healthcare industry must invest in the physical and mental health of doctors, nurses, and other care professionals to stem the tide of workers leaving the field and make healthcare work more appealing to potential recruits. This can include:

Invest in Worker Well-Being

2. Address the Skills Gap

Digital tools should not only increase efficiency and service levels at healthcare facilities but also ease the load of health workers. Invest thoughtfully in tools that will make employees’ jobs easier, as well as training to empower your team to leverage those tools for maximum benefit.

3. Increase Workforce Diversity and Equity

Appealing to a broader, more diverse pool of potential applicants can help increase the diversity of your workforce, easing the load on employees facing intersectional challenges. Building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace culture that workers are excited to be a part of can also improve retention.

4. Improve Recruitment Processes

Manual job advertisement posting processes are inefficient and ineffective, increasing recruitment teams’ workload without boosting reach among applicants. Programmatic recruitment tools can help reduce the cost per applicant while allowing healthcare facilities to reach a larger pool of qualified applicants.

Hirematic Helps Address the Healthcare Staffing Crisis

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